9 Days, 9 Concerts, 9 Days of Hedonism

9 Days, 9 Concerts, 9 Days of Hedonism

So here goes – my first ever blog! The reason for starting this is that for a while, after raving about the concerts I go to, my friends have been telling me that I should become a live music reviewer. The four major concert venues in Lisbon are within 15 minutes of my house, and Portugal’s climate is ideal for outside concerts, therefore I have good access to many events. So as I am about to attend 9 concerts in 9 days and I have most of the time off work in between I thought I would  try this experimental blog and see how it goes!

This year has been a classic year for concerts in Portugal with many major festivals in around Lisbon and Porto. The biggest so far was Rock in Rio, a 5 night event over 2 weekends at Bela Vista Park just north of the centre of Lisbon. It drew big crowds to see headliners Metallica, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen and Smashing Pumpkins. With support  from heavy hitters such as Bryan Adams, Linkin Park, The Offspring, Limp Bizkit, Maroon 5, Ivete Sangalo, Joss Stone, James and some exciting Portuguese bands, the concerts were packed, allegedly up to 80,000 people! I managed to attend two nights, and I will try provide additional reviews over the time of this blog.

Super Bock, Super Rock in Meco last weekend, bought Peter Gabriel, Hot Chip, Lana del Rey and M.I.A., amongst others to Portugal . I couldn’t attend but I had my first festival experience there three years ago.  More about that later.

Madonna  stopped by in Co-im-bear-rah as she pronounced it (Coimbra – 2/3rds of the way between Lisbon and Proto) on her latest World Tour. Again a review will follow. Two other festivals are also happening now – the EDP Cool Jazz Music Festival and the Cascais Music festival that are bringing a whole host of world music to Portugal including Pablo Alboran, Al Jarreau, Sting, Man Chao, Morrissey, Keane, Scissor Sisters and Antony and the Johnsons. Links are below if you are interested.

There have been some disappointments, the Inna and Flo Rida concerts were cancelled and I have just found out Florence and the Machine have pulled out of Optimus Alive as Florence has lost her voice! Get better and please come back to Lisbon soon!!! However, there have been some amazing talents with Portuguese bands I thought would be OK rocking the stage such as Expensive Soul and Rita Redshoes.

This blog will provide reviews of Optimus Alive, Keane and the Scissor Sisters at the Cascais Music Festival and the Mares Vivas Festival in Vila Nova de Gaia near Porto. Just the headliners are listed below and hopefully there will be a few surprises on the way.  I hope you enjoy it. If this goes well I may continue it for the London 2012 Olympics.

 9 Days, 9 Concerts, 9 Days of Hedonism!

Optimus Alive, Algés, Lisboa, 12th – 14th July 2012

Day 1  The Stone Roses, Justice,  Snow Patrol, LMFAO, Buraka Som Sytema
Day 2  The Cure, Mumford and Sons,  Noah and the Whale, Katy B, Tricky and AWOL Nation
Day 3  Radiohead, Metronomy, The Kills,. Mazzy Star


Cascais Music Festival, Cascais, 15th– 16th July 2012

Day 4  Keane
Day 5  Scissor Sisters

Festival Marés Vivas 2012, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, 17th – 20th July 2012

Day 6  Franz Ferdinand
Day 7  The Cult, Garbage, Kaiser Chiefs
Day 8  Billy Idol, Gogol Bordello
Day 9  Anastacia, The Hives, Pedro Abrunhosa

The concerts I have already attended this year are: Fat Boy Slim, Rita Redshoes, Scooter, Fiest, Joss Stone, Bryan Adams, Ivele Sangalo, Stevie Wonder, Expensive Soul, The Gift, Maroon 5, Martin Solveig, Lenny Kravitz, Sting and Al Jarreau,







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