Day 4: Balmy Night in Cascais

Day 4: Balmy Night in Cascais

ImageWell I got back from work totally knackered. The temperature was a balmy 32OC!  I picked up a colleague and headed through the rush hour traffic, which carries on quite late here, and headed west. We arrived at the Hipodromo Manuel Possolo, a small Arena with a manicured lawn, well fertilized from the recent Portuguese Open Equestrian Event, where we hooked up with other friends. They were still recovering from Optimus Alive and had a severe case of concert legs! The concert was sold out but there was plenty of room and we ended up about 15m from the front with plenty of space to dance. There was no support band which was great and Keane hit the stage running with “You are Young” a catchy upbeat number form their new album.  Many new songs alternated with old classics, as Keane continued to wow the crowd with high energy, spot on vocals in the niche that Keane have aptly found. The crowd-pleasing hits filtered in mid-set with “Everybody’s Changing” raising the set to another level. At this stage the concert moved from the “great” category to “amazing”. Tom Chapman’s mercurial understated voice fits the Keane sound well and together they produce some awesome songs.


The rhythmic “Disconnected”  followed and the band were amazed that the crowd carried on singing after the song finished, which happened after all of the hits whih lest the lead singer speachless! These came thick and fast towards the end of the set which was brilliant. The melodic “This is the last time” was followed by the classic sing along inducing “Somewhere only we Know”.  The band the rocked the crowd with “Is it any Wonder” and finished the first part of the set with a fantastic version of the chilled out “Bedshaped”.



The encore started with the mesmerizing “Sea Fog” accompanied only by the piano which stunned the crowd, before the up-beat “Sovereign Light Café” and the high energy “Glitterball“ finished the set. A impromptu second encore of “My Shadow”  wowed the crowd further and bought this fantastic concert to an end.


This was much better than anything over the last three days. This talented band loved performing, gave their all and provided the best live sound track to a balmy summer night in Portugal.  They also said they are coming back on their forthcoming European and Lebanese tour later in the year – you heard it here first!! Keane are a brilliant, but really understated band.  A friend said afterwards that when he came to the concert he only knew only one song – when he left he realized he knew loads! An awesome night that has made it into my top ten concerts of all time!


 Best Song: A tie between “Sovereign Light Café”, “Sea Fog” and “Somewhere only we know”, with probable the first winning by a nose!

Biggest Gripe: Traffic getting into Cascais

Funniest Moment:  Watching a friend try and whistle using their fingers and their excitement and joy when managing to do it!   



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