Day 5: Magic Hour(s) in Cascais

Day 5: Magic Hour(s) in Cascais


After last night’s balmy evening I didn’t think it could get better – but it did. I left work at 6pm in 34oC. The traffic getting out of Lisbon was horrible but eased further west. The crowd was disappointingly small, but filled out later. Friends were right at the front, but I moved back before the concert started as I wanted to dance, and bumped into other friends. They were the same one who were at Keane and they were still suffering from concert legs!


The Scissor Sisters launched into the concert with three songs from their bizarre yet amazingly addictive new album “Magic Hour”.  “Any which way”, Keep your shoes on” and “Baby Come Home” set the high energy tone for the rest of the concert. Dressed in retro chic Ana Matronic and the backing singers looked fabulous and the psychedelic off the wall kiddies print suit, and silver track suit of Jake Shears later in the set, were as bizarre as you would expect.



The band the ‘dusted off some old songs’ including “Kiss you Off” and “Take your Mama”, which sent the crowd crazy, and carried on with Anna and then Jake taking turns singing a wide range of songs including “Fire wth Fire” and “Skin this Cat”. One highlight was “Lets have a Kiki!” a bizarre song about an inpromtu party when a club is closed by the police. The synchronized dancing with the backing singers was amazing.



“Mary” was followed by the awesome Pink Floyd cover “Comfortably Numb” and then the rap influenced “Shady Love”, which was mesmerizing. The dance inducing highlights – “I Don’t Feel like Dancing” and “Only the Horses” followed either side of the encore. The crowd went wild – a cliché but very apt. The band finished on  “Music is the Victim”, for which the audience were asked to remove a piece of clothing and dance for the last time with their scissor sisters! I declined, but danced my proverbial off anyway!


After discussion with friends we thought we could have enticed the band back for a second encore, but the audience didn’t react., so it was not to be. The result being NO “Filthy Gorgeous”! I headed back and got out of Cascais easily. Drove along the marginal and arrived back just after midnight. There were still people playing football in the dark on the beaches all along the coast!  At 31OC it was amazing – a hot night for and even hotter band!  I wonder how this can be topped. Had a great time, danced manically and it was just what I needed. Keane and the Scissor Sisters have rocked 9 days of Hedonism to another level – one I never expected! Bring on Mares Vivas!


Best Song: “I don’t feel like Dancing” tied with “Lets have a Kiki!”

Biggest Gripe: A couple who pushed to area in front of me and started dancing manically and dangerously with lit cigarettes in their hands. I eventually managed to get away from them!  The band not playing Filthy Gorgeous and the fact that it was all over too fast!

Funniest Moment: Seeing a guy with a list of names tattooed on his arm, each one crossed out with a different name underneath! Now whether this was a hit list of his targets, or a list of his boyfriends/girlfriends is another matter – but how would you feel if you were the last on the list!

Quotes from Ana Matronic

“There are so many good looking men in the audience, I want to taste you all, I bet you will all taste like custard”


“Lets have a kiki!”

“Here’s to Portuguese Passion – and Caipirina!”



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