The End!

The End!

So this is it- its Sunday evening – 9 days, 9 concerts is over! I have seen 26 bands and listened to 353 songs and its been amazing. A little tired with a sore thoat and slightly disappointed that I don’t have a concert to go to this evening! However, I have some good memories and heard some awesome music, Optimus Alive promised much but in the end was disappointing, the two concerts from the Cascais Music Festival that I saw rocked, and Mares Vivas bought the 9 days to a fitting end like a rising and falling tide.


Would I do it again? Yes probably but it would depend on the bands who are playing and I would take all the days off work. Portugal is lucky to have so many bands visiting- I have seen 48 so far this year and there are more to come in the autumn – and I hope it continues. If you have been following the blog then thank you – I have been amazed at the response and I even have got views from Russia, India and Argentina.
That’s it from me – Adeus por enquanto / Goodbye for the time being. Its back to work for me this week and then the Olympic Marathon begins – I have tickets for 15 sports over the 17 days of the games as well as Closing Ceremony tickets. Will I be blogging – well probably I have enjoyed doing it and will be a fantastic way to record what happens, as well as a link for others to follow – it will help me remember what happened over this amazing 2 weeks. Ate ja!
9 Days 9 Concerts
Best Group: The Scissor Sisters
Best Song: “I don’t feel like Dancing” by The Scissor Sisters and “Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO
Most Amusing Moment: The conversation between the drunk English guy on the train and his girlfriend after Optimus Alive on Day 3 (please  see blog for transcipt) 
Biggest Gripe: The view spoiling freebie hats.
Best Freebie: After many years of trying I eventually got a TMN blue scarf.
Most Impressive Band I hadn’t seen before: A tie between Mumford and Sons, Buraka Sem Sistema, The Sounds and Virgem Suta.
Band I would buy the CD of: Mumford and Sons (I already have the new Keane and Scissor Sisters Albums).
Biggest Disapointment: The Stone Roses and the last minute cancellation of Florence and the Machine.
Missed Opportunity: Not seeing AWOL Nation and not blagging a TMN beanbag.
Most Surreal Experience: Eating Soup whilst watching live rock – and the bizarre and amazing strong smell of lavender at the end of the Scissor Sisters concert.
Best Quote:We would like to stay and play some more, but we have play in Scotland tomorrow, where it is raining!” Ana Matronic, The Scissor Sisters.
Special Award: The blond barmaid in the VIP Lounge, who after 3 hours of the first Mares Vivas concert, began pouring my drink before I asked, This continued for the next three nights! Thank you!    



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